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Painless Git

Straightforward, graphic GUI for your Git projects. Free Cross Platform App that works with Mac, Windows and Linux.

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Docker in Production: A History of Failure

My first encounter with docker goes back to early 2015. Docker was experimented with to find out whether it could benefit us. At the time it wasn’t possible to run a container [in the background] and there wasn’t any command to see what was running, debug or ssh into the container. The experiment was quick, Docker was useless and closer to an alpha prototype than a release.

The End of the General Purpose Operating System

As interesting chat on Twitter today reminded me that not everyone is probably aware that we're seeing a concerted attempt to dislodge the general purpose operating system from our servers.

Benefits of using tmux - lessons from streamlining a development environment

Before I started using tmux, I’d hear it mentioned frequently. It always sounded cool, and while there’s no shortage of great information on the web about what tmux is, it was never entirely clear to me how it would dramatically improve my development workflow.

So you think you know C?

A lot of programmers claim they know C. Well, it has the most famous syntax, it has been there for 44 years, and it’s not cluttered with obscure features. It’s easy!

H.264 is magic: a technical walkthrough of a remarkable technology.

H.264 is a video compression codec standard. It is ubiquitous - internet video, Blu-ray, phones, security cameras, drones, everything. Everything uses H.264 now.

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