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Disassembling Sublime Text

This afternoon I spent some time with the free trial of the Hopper Disassembler looking through the binary of Sublime Text 3. I found some interesting things and some undocumented settings.

How Publishers are defeating ad blockers & how ad blockers are fighting back.

A couple of weeks ago, we looked into how PornHub was getting around ad blockers using WebSockets. We thought it would be cool to take a closer look at how publishers like BusinessInsider and Forbes are detecting ad blockers and preventing users from viewing their content.

The Full Stack

One of my most vivid memories from school was the day our chemistry teacher let us in on the Big Secret: every chemical reaction is a joining or separating of links between atoms. Which links form or break is completely governed by the energy involved and the number of electrons each atom has. The principle stuck with me long after I'd forgotten the details. There existed a simple reason for all of the strange rules of chemistry, and that reason lived at a lower level of reality. Maybe other things in the world were like that too.

How much memory is my process using?

For years I’ve been reading explanations of the VIRT, RSS, and SHARED columns and for years I’ve been like “ugh, why is this so complicated, why can’t I just know how much memory my process is using, this is silly.

Talks that changed the way I think about programming

Here are some talks which have given me new insight into programming, and in particular what good programming is and isn’t.

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