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Browser Autofill Phishing

This is a simple demonstration of form fields hidden from the user, but will be filled anyways when using the browser form autofill feature, which poses a security risk for users, unaware of giving their information to the website.

The science of Westworld

Artificial intelligence made enormous strides in 2016, so it is fitting that one of the year’s hit TV shows was an exploration of what it means for machines to gain consciousness. But how close are we to building the brains of Westworld’s hosts for real? I’m going to look at some recent AI research papers and show that the hosts aren’t quite as futuristic as you might think.

GTA V + Universe

The Universe integration with Grand Theft Auto V, built and maintained by Craig Quiter's DeepDrive project, is now open-source. To use it, you'll just need a purchased copy of GTA V, and then your Universe agent will be able to start driving a car around the streets of a high-fidelity virtual world.

Cracking Sublime Text 3

OS X native software is written in Objective-C, a superset of C which is not very hard to hack away. In this post I will try to demonstrate the basics of reverse engineering in said platform.

Simple and Terrifying Encryption Story

I wanted to build an app where users can encrypt and decrypt messages. AES seemed to be a reasonable choice for such a symmetric encryption, so my first step was to find a proper AES library.

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