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Things Every Hacker Once Knew

One fine day in January 2017 I was reminded of something I had half-noticed a few times over the previous decade. That is, younger hackers don’t know the bit structure of ASCII and the meaning of the odder control characters in it. This is knowledge every fledgling hacker used to absorb through their pores. It’s nobody’s fault this changed; the obsolescence of hardware terminals and the RS-232 protocol is what did it. Tools generate culture; sometimes, when a tool becomes obsolete, a bit of cultural commonality quietly evaporates. It can be difficult to notice that this has happened.

Question of the Week: Oldest Computer Program

Keeping software alive for just a few years without constant updates and overhauls might seem nearly impossible. But some software systems remain in fine fettle decades after their launch.

Site Reliability Engineering

Members of the SRE team explain how their engagement with the entire software lifecycle has enabled Google to build, deploy, monitor, and maintain some of the largest software systems in the world.

htop Explained Visually

htop is an interactive process monitor. It’s one of my favorite linux tools that I use regularly to monitor system resources. If you take top and put it on steroids, you get htop.

“How” ages faster than “Why”

I used to write a lot of Angular back in 2015. But recently, the JS community has largely moved on from Angular 1 to other libraries, and in turn, so have my projects. I always knew in the back of my mind that technology — and the knowledge that goes along with it — becomes outdated, but this was the first time I experienced it for myself.

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