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StackOverflow launched its trends and there has been a few developer conferences this week – Google IO and MS BUILD. From the latter I was stunned by Saqib Shaikh demoing how he codes when he's blind.

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Introducing Stack Overflow Trends

On a typical day, developers ask over 8,000 questions on Stack Overflow about programming problems they run into in their work. Which technologies are they asking about, and how has that changed over time?

Where do our flaky tests come from?

When tests fail on code that was previously tested, this is a strong signal that something is newly wrong with the code. Before, the tests passed and the code was correct; now the tests fail and the code is not working right. The goal of a good test suite is to make this signal as clear and directed as possible.

Spelling with Elemental Symbols

Sitting in my 5-hour-long chemistry class, my gaze would often drift over to the periodic table posted on the wall. To pass the time, I began to try finding words I could spell using only the symbols of the elements on the periodic table. Some examples: ScAlEs, FeArS, ErAsURe, WAsTe, PoInTlEsSnEsS, MoISTeN, SAlMoN, PuFFInEsS.

Let them paste passwords

One of the things people often tweet to us @ncsc are examples of websites which prevent you pasting in a password. Why do websites do this? The debate has raged - with most commentators raging how annoying it is.

How a Blind Developer uses Visual Studio

Saqib Shaikh, a developer who happens to be blind, shows how he uses Visual Studio 2017 with screen reader software for writing and debugging code. From the Microsoft Build 2017 conference, which took place May 10th-12th 2017 in Seattle.

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