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Artificial intelligence in real-time strategy games

Real-time strategy is one of the most important game genre from the beginning of the computer games history and one of the biggest inner market in computer games market, in spite of that fact there are only a few strategy games have successful AIs.

únicode is hard

In the beginning* was ASCII. A standard way for computers to exchange text. ASCII was originally designed with 7 bits - that means 128 possible symbols. That ought to be enough for everyone, right?

How to Improve a Legacy Codebase

It happens at least once in the lifetime of every programmer, project manager or teamleader. You get handed a steaming pile of manure, if you’re lucky only a few million lines worth, the original programmers have long ago left for sunnier places and the documentation - if there is any to begin with - is hopelessly out of sync with what is presently keeping the company afloat.

Design apps to function remotely when Internet connection is critical

Developers generally assume always-on connectivity and design their software with that premise. But such applications crash when they can't reach the Internet or have poky connections. If you want happy users, design applications that can function remotely.

WebAssembly: Mozilla Won

Mozilla staff are being very diplomatic and restrained by allowing WebAssembly to be portrayed as a compromise between the approaches of asm.js and PNaCl. They have good reasons for being so, but I can be a bit less restrained. asm.js and PNaCl represented quite different visions for how C/C++ code should be supported on the Web, and I think WebAssembly is a big victory for asm.js and Mozilla's vision.

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