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Modern Software Over-Engineering Mistakes

Few things are guaranteed to increase all the time: Distance between stars, Entropy in the visible universe, and business requirements . Many articles say Dont over-engineer but don’t say why or how. Here are 10 clear examples.

24-core CPU and I can’t move my mouse

by brucedawson This story begins, as they so often do, when I noticed that my machine was behaving poorly. My Windows 10 work machine has 24 cores (48 hyper-threads) and they were 50% idle. It has 64 GB of RAM and that was less than half used. It has a fast SSD that was mostly idle. And yet, as I moved the mouse around it kept hitching – sometimes locking up for seconds at a time.

Is Ruby Too Slow For Web-Scale?

How does one choose a framework or programming language for a new web application? You almost certainly need one, unless you’re doing something pretty trivial. All web applications have a lot of boilerplate they need to get running: security, object-relational mapping, templating and testing. So how do you know which one to choose?

Analyzing GitHub, how developers change programming languages over time

Have you ever been struggling with an nth obscure project, thinking : “I could do the job with this language but why not switch to another one which would be more enjoyable to work with” ? In his awesome blog post : The eigenvector of “Why we moved from language X to language Y”, Erik Bernhardsson generated an N*N contingency table of all Google queries related to changing languages. However, when I read it, I couldn’t help wondering what the proportion of people who effectively switched is. Thus, it has become engaging to deepen this idea and see how the popularity of languages changes among GitHub users.

Reverse engineering one line of Javascript

Subject: Can you unroll and explain this 1 line of code to me? Body: Call me stupid but…I don’t understand it and would love a detailed explanation. It’s a ray tracer in 128 characters…. I think it’s amazing

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