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Take the DIY out of your infrastructure

Spend less time configuring, so you can have more time building. Manifold is the best way to add logging, monitoring, databases and more to your app. Essential services for applications that matter, made by developers that care. All clouds welcome.

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An Intro to Compilers

A compiler is just a program that translates other programs. Traditional compilers translate source code into executable machine code that your computer understands. (Some compilers translate source code into another programming language. These compilers are called source-to-source translators or transpilers.) LLVM is a widely used compiler project, consisting of many modular compiler tools.

Passive event listeners

Passive event listeners are a new feature in the DOM spec that enable developers to opt-in to better scroll performance by eliminating the need for scrolling to block on touch and wheel event listeners.

0x5f3759df and the inverse square root

This post is about the magic constant 0x5f3759df and an extremely neat hack, fast inverse square root, which is where the constant comes from.

Stability in a Chaotic World: How Postgres Makes Transactions Atomic

Atomicity (in the sense of “ACID”) states that for a series of operations performed against a database, either every one of them commits together, or they’re all rolled back; no in between states are allowed. For code that needs to be resilient to the messiness of the real world, it’s a godsend.

The Harmful Consequences of Postel's Maxim

Jon Postel's famous statement in RFC 1122 of "Be liberal in what you accept, and conservative in what you send" - is a principle that has long guided the design of Internet protocols and implementations of those protocols. The posture this statement advocates might promote interoperability in the short term, but that short-term advantage is outweighed by negative consequences that affect the long-term maintenance of a protocol and its ecosystem.

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