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Resources for Getting Started with Distributed Systems

I’m often asked how to get started with Distributed Systems, so this post documents my path and some of the resources I found most helpful.  It is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list.

Join our startup, we’ll cut your pay by 40%!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I need to get paid far far less than I’m worth?” Me neither. And yet some companies not only pay less, they’re proud of it. Allow me to explain.

Electron: The Bad Parts

Most cross platform programming languages and frameworks contain good and bad parts. Electron probably has more than its share of the good — but also hides some dark secrets under its shining facade.

Technical Interview Performance by Editor/OS/Language

My co-worker Daniel is really into Emacs. It’s his primary editor, his grocery list (via org-mode), and #4 of the 6 things he can’t live without on his OkCupid profile. Other engineers in the office, however, prefer Vim (or Sublime Text, or even RubyMine). Naturally, this leads to war. But after months of salvos (VimGolf one-upmanship, gratuitous references to this Stack Overflow question) no clear victor has emerged.

To type or not to type: quantifying detectable bugs in JavaScript

This is a terrific piece of work with immediate practical applications for many project teams. Is it worth the extra effort to add static type annotations to a JavaScript project? Should I use Facebook’s Flow or Microsoft’s TypeScript if so? Will they really catch bugs that would otherwise have made it to master?

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