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TLDR pages

The TLDR pages are a community effort to simplify the beloved man pages with practical examples.

Magic: the Gathering is Turing Complete

We always knew Magic: the Gathering was a complex game. But now it's proven: you could assemble a computer out of Magic cards.

The joys of maintenance programming

In the old days when I started programming, green programmers trying to build their skills and get experience started out doing maintenance programming. Only the old hands got to write new code.

Desktop compositing latency is real and it annoys me

I wiped off my Windows 10 installation today. It wasn’t because of the intrusive telemetry or the ads in the start menu but desktop composition. It adds some slight but noticeable latency that makes typing feel uncomfortable. In Windows 7 you can turn it off.

SSL Issuer Popularity

SSL Certificates are used to encrypt data between 2 points. For example your web browser and a web server. Most banks, online stores and other websites that deal with sensitive information use SSL encryption to protect the data you are sending over the internet. Normally webmasters need to buy an SSL certificate from a SSL certificate vendor, (with the exception of Let's Encrypt).

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