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Protect your site from Cryptojacking with CSP + SRI

We saw a pretty big event take place over the weekend where a 3rd party provider was compromised and their JS library was altered. The alteration introduced a crypto mining script that was then subsequently included on over 4,000 websites that I know of, many of which were Government websites.

Everything Easy is Hard Again

This past summer, I gave a lecture at a web conference and afterward got into a fascinating conversation with a young digital design student. It was fun to compare where we were in our careers. I had fifteen years of experience designing for web clients, she had one year, and yet some how, we were in the same situation: we enjoyed the work, but were utterly confused and overwhelmed by the rapidly increasing complexity of it all. What the hell happened?

5 recommendations on how to maintain the code quality and keep your self-development, when nobody cares

October 2, 2017, I got my first paycheck as a Rails-developer. I’ve been working in a web-development company that uses only Rails for a month and a half. I was excited to hear about such an approach on an interview. But I calmed down since then. I tried to explain why and analyze the reasons in this article.

Lessons learned while developing Age of Empires 1 Definitive Edition

In late 2016 I began helping Forgotten Empires on Age 1 DE, a UWP app shipping in the Windows Store on Feb 20th. I only helped occasionally for the first couple months or so (because I was working on Basis and an aerospace project), but as the title got closer to shipping I spent more and more of my time working on Age problems. We started with the original 20 year old Age 1 codebase. Here are some of the things I've learned.

Who Killed The Junior Developer?

A few months ago I attended an event for women in tech. A lot of the attendees were new developers, graduates from code schools or computer science programs. Almost everyone told me they were having trouble getting their first job.