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git log – the Good Parts

If you’re managing a complex git codebase with multiple developers, then you may well be using a tool like GitHub or BitBucket to delve into the history and figure out branch and merge issues.

Total Meltdown?

Did you think Meltdown was bad? Unprivileged applications being able to read kernel memory at speeds possibly as high as megabytes per second was not a good thing.

Using Parallel Without a Clue: 90x Performance Loss Instead of 8x Gain

With C++17 supporting1 parallel versions of the std:: algorithms, there are quite a few people saying “hey, it became really simple to write parallel code!”. Just as one example, [MSDN] wrote: “Only a few years ago, writing parallel code in C++ was a domain of the experts.” (implying that these days, to write parallel code, you don’t need to be an expert anymore).

Text Buffer Reimplementation, a Visual Studio Code Story

Performance discussions about JavaScript programs usually involve a discussion about how much should be implemented in native code. For the VS Code text buffer, these discussions started more than a year ago. During an in-depth exploration, we found that a C++ implementation of the text buffer could lead to significant memory savings, but we didn't see the performance enhancements we were hoping for. Converting strings between a custom native representation and V8's strings is costly and in our case, compromised any performance gained from implementing text buffer operations in C++. We will discuss this in more detail at the end of this post.


An npm package to check if a number is equal to 13.

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