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Software development made easy, visual and agile

monday.com is a visual and intuitive project management tool. It's designed to work with ease and allows you to see the bigger picture in a single glance. Organize your frameworks and applications, plan implementation tasks visually on a timeline, collaborate with your team and be up-to-date on where things stand on each project - all in one place. Make everything easier with monday.com. Create your free account.

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Conversations with a six-year-old on functional programming

At the time, I was reading part of Janis Voigtländer’s habilitation thesis. Unsure where to even start, I decided to just answer straightforwardly: “I’m reading a very long story about free theorems.”

Machine learning and Javascript with Excel

Today at Build, we announced a powerful set of capabilities to the Excel platform, offering developers, data scientists, and power users more opportunities to better work with data. Developers and data scientists can now to execute custom functions locally in JavaScript or with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning services to create their own powerful additions to Excel's catalog of formulas.

Code Health: Understanding Code In Review

It's easy to assume that a developer who sends you some code for review is smarter than you'll ever be, and that's why you don't understand their code.

Clean Coder — notes

The only book I’ve read that talks about how to be a professional. It’s extremely insightful, encouraging you to take responsibility, and be a better professional in this very young industry. It has great examples to help you figure out what you’re doing wrong and how to do it right.

Are interruptions really worse for programmers than for other knowledge workers?

I think we like this idea because it makes us feel special, and I don't believe we're as special as we think we are. A talk I found on YouTube some time ago has convinced me that a lot of interruption aversion we feel is caused by not breaking our work into small enough chunks.

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