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BLIND - The Anonymous Social App for Tech Workers

CNN describes our app well: “Blind is an anonymous app for tech workers to discuss, debate and gossip about compensation, corporate policies, workplace harassment, and more.” Blind, which was once banned by Uber, is now used by 7,000+ Uber engineers, designers, and PMs. If you work in tech, your coworkers are on Blind. Download the app and join your coworkers today at TeamBlind.com!

this week's favorite

I Used The Web For A Day With JavaScript Turned Off

This article is part of a series in which I attempt to use the web under various constraints, representing a given demographic of user. I hope to raise the profile of difficulties faced by real people, which are avoidable if we design and develop in a way that is sympathetic to their needs. This week, I’m disabling JavaScript.

'Fire' visual effect in JavaScript

The fire you're seeing above is a cool visual effect that was hot in the 1990s (pun intended). It still looks great today and with very simple math and only about 20 lines of JavaScript, it's a great coding exercise.

Completely unscientific benchmarks

For this benchmark we implemented Treap in a few classic (C++, Java, Python) and hyped (JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift, Rust) programming languages and tested their performance on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows (all of them running on different hardware, so the results should not be compared between platforms).

Anti-If: The missing patterns

Around 10 years ago I encountered the anti-if campaign and found it to be an absurd concept. How on earth would you make a useful program without using an if statement? Preposterous. But then it gets you thinking. Do you remember that heavily nested code you had to understand last week? That kinda sucked right? If only there was a way to make it simpler.

Psychology of Code Readability

I think one of the things every programmer strives for is writing better code. Readability is one of the aspects of “good code”. There have been many papers and books written on the topic, however I find many of them lacking. Not because of the recommendations, but rather the analysis part.

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