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Developers Should Abandon Agile

“Agile” has become big business. Led, no doubt, by the Scrum Alliance’s successful Certified ScrumMaster offering, we now see hundreds, perhaps thousands of so-called “Agile” coaches and trainers, and many competing frameworks and methods. We see “Agile” leadership training, “Agile” project management offerings, and on and on.

GDPR Hysteria

This post is an attempt to calm the nerves of those that feel that the(ir) world is about to come to an end, the important first principle when it comes to dealing with any laws, including this one is Don’t Panic. I’m aiming this post squarely at the owners of SME’s that are active on the world wide web and that feel overwhelmed by this development.

Playing battleships over BGP

BGP is the glue of the internet. For a protocol that was produced on two napkins in 1989 it is both amazing and horrifying that it runs almost all of the ISP to ISP interactions and is now a very fundemental part of the internet.

The headers we don't want

HTTP headers are an important way of controlling how caches and browsers process your web content. But many are used incorrectly or pointlessly, which adds overhead at a critical time in the loading of your page, and may not work as you intended. In this first of a series of posts about header best practice, we’ll look at unnecessary headers.

Maintaining Notepad is not a full-time job, but it’s not an empty job either

When I mentioned that one of my now-retired colleagues was responsible for maintaining Notepad, commenter Neil noted, "I can't imagine theres much actual maintenance." You'd be surprised.

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