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RESTful APIs - An accurate description

Today I thought I would do a quick post to cover RESTful APIs, and what they are. The reason for this article is that I have, on numerous occasions, encountered developers (and indeed whole teams) who have misunderstood this concept at its very core. This causes a number of problems, firstly if you don’t understand RESTful APIs fundamentally, you’re likely to encounter integration issues quite early on. Secondly, unfortunately, if you’re a candidate interviewing for a role and haven’t understood what a RESTful API is properly, you’ll come unstuck in interview.

Mastering git branches

Branches are one of the most misunderstood concepts in git and yet they are so simple to understand. How many uncomfortable situations have you been when dealing with branches? All the rebases and merges that were asked from your boss, all those conflicts that appear along the way.

Data Structures for Beginners: Arrays, HashMaps, and Lists

When we are developing software, we have to store data in memory. Depending on how you want to manipulate the data, you might choose a data structure over another. There are many types of data types such as arrays, maps, sets, lists, trees, graphs, etc. Choosing the right data structure for a task can be tricky. So, this post will help you know the trade-offs so you can always use the right tool for the job.

What GDPR Means for Your App or Side Project

GDPR has been a hot topic lately, and it officially goes into effect tomorrow, May 25, 2018. But what does it actually mean for developers - especially those of us who have side projects or are interested in starting a new startup? We talked to people who have become experts on the subject from Optimizely, Twilio, NodeSource, and Kickbox, to find out.

UTC is Enough for Everyone, Right?

The common refrain in the industry is Just use UTC! Just use UTC! And that's correct... sort of. But if you're stuck building software that deals with time, there's so much more to consider.

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