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When everything blows up

Don’t just treat incidents as annoying things getting in the way of doing your real work. Take them seriously and do the work to make them happen less in the future; you don’t want them to turn into problems that drive your customers away.

Stop future proofing software

If I can point to a singular idea that kills more products than any other, it’s future proofing. Future proofing software comes in many flavors, however, most cases of future proofing follow the same pattern.

Fast Full-Text Search in PostgreSQL

Often when discussing text search, the first thing that comes to mind is ElasticSearch – indeed it’s a great product, works well, but can often be a pain to setup and maintain. PostgreSQL in contrast dead simple to set up, runs anywhere, is easy to maintain and probably is “good enough”.


Enterprise™ is a non deterministic unnecessarily statically typed Turing-complete programming language. Enterprise™ is designed to create computer programs that disrupt markets.

Stop recommending bazookas to kill flies in programming

There’s something that really annoys me in the programming community, and I’ll illustrate this using Vue examples, though it concerns programming in general.

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