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The O'Reilly Velocity Conference (Sep 30-Oct 3 in New York, NY) offers systems engineers and software developers an opportunity to learn the latest tools and techniques that keep them and their companies on the cutting edge. Whether you're focused on performance, security, DevOps, cloud-based infrastructure, or systems engineering, you'll gain new insights and critical training you can apply immediately to your work. As a Programming Digest reader, you'll save 20% off your conference pass using code PDIG20—that's a savings of up to $519!

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Techie to tech lead: My five biggest mistakes

As a young, ambitious developer with a strong sense of my own talent, I was eager to become a tech lead, and it took less than four years for me to achieve this goal. But over the next two years, the experience and reality of leading a team put me off leadership completely. For several years after, I retreated into the security of the technology, shunning any opportunity to take on more responsibility.

Select Star SQL

This is an interactive book which aims to be the best place on the internet for learning SQL. It is free of charge, free of ads and doesn't require registration or downloads. It helps you learn by running queries against a real-world dataset to complete projects of consequence. It is not a mere reference page — it conveys a mental model for writing SQL.

Reboot Your Dreamliner Every 248 Days To Avoid Integer Overflow

You may be used to rebooting a server every so often to ensure that it doesn't crash because of some resource problem, but what about a modern jet airliner like the Boeing 787?

What's in a Production Web Application?

Early in my career, I worked at a company that built web content management systems. Their product helped marketing departments self-manage their own websites, instead of relying on developers to make every change. This product helped their customers reduce operational expenses, and it helped me learn how to build web applications.

Google AMP Can Go To Hell

Google wants websites to adopt AMP as the default approach to building webpages. Tell them no.

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