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Experience Velocity for only $149

If you’ve given up on attending the O'Reilly Velocity Conference (Sep 30-Oct 3 in New York City) this year due to lack of time or money, don’t abandon hope just yet. For just $149, the Pavilion Plus Pass grants you access to all keynotes and sponsored sessions, all evening events and other casual discussion spaces at the conference, the all-new Cloud Computing Day with Kubernetes; and of course, access the Sponsor Pavilion to learn about the latest technology products and services. The Velocity Pavilion Plus pass is just $149, but only 100 are available. Grab yours now!

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Idle Until Urgent

Input delay that’s less than 100 milliseconds is typically perceived as instant by users, so the performance goal we recommend (and the numbers I was hoping to see in my analytics) is FID < 100ms for 99% of page loads.

What Most Remote Companies Don’t Tell You About Remote Work

Articles about the remote work lifestyle have tended to focus on drinking piña coladas on the beach, traveling the world, and otherwise enjoying a life that inspires envy in your social media following. This is not one of those articles.

Typing is not a programming bottleneck

I sometimes give programming advice to people. They approach me with a software design problem, and, to the best of my ability, I suggest a remedy. Despite my best intentions, my suggestions sometimes meet resistance. One common reaction is that my suggestion isn't idiomatic, but recently, another type of criticism seems to be on the rise. The code that I suggest is too verbose. It involves too much typing. I'll use this article to reflect on that criticism.

Playstation 2 Java API

Here's a project to answer the question: Is it possible to write a Java API for Playstation 2 and write a graphics demo with it. I don't want to spoil it or anything, but the answer is yes.

Units of measurement

 Whenever people find out that I work at Microsoft, invariably the next question they ask is “Have you met Bill?” (The next question is: “So what’s with the stock?” – as if I had a magic 8-ball to tell them).

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