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Python program that calculates the most commonly used words in subreddits

Since I have been working exclusively with JavaScript over the last few months I decided to do a project with one of the first languages I learned when I started to get serious with programming. Python!

Three Tips for Managing Technical Debt: While Maintaining Developer Velocity

Technical debt is well-known to every developer. No good app starts as a legacy app with spaghetti code — it takes a journey to get there. And many times that journey isn’t a very long one.

More speed, lower velocity

I frequently meet software teams who describe themselves as “high velocity”, they even have graphs coming from Jira to prove it, and yet their ability to ship great software, to delight their customers, or even to attract their customers, doesn’t meet their expectations. A little bit of sleuthing usually discovers the underlying problem.

Fast Autocomplete Search for Your Website

Every website deserves a great search engine - but building a search engine can be a lot of work, and hosting it can quickly get expensive.

Building a Spotify player for my Mac SE/30

The app is called MacPlayer and works thanks to the magic of Spotify Connect. The speaker itself streams and plays the music, and the Mac simply tells the speaker which song to play (as well as volume, current playlist, shuffle mode and other settings).

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