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Rather than spending time and energy recovering from outages, avoid them altogether.

In 2010 Netflix announced the existence and success of their custom resiliency tool called Chaos Monkey. Gremlin takes the principles developed at Netflix and provides a platform for any team to practice the discipline of Chaos Engineering. Learn more in our Chaos Monkey Guide for Engineers.

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How to Start Learning Computer Graphics Programming

Ever since I opened up my Direct Messages and invited everyone to ask me computer graphics related questions on Twitter, I am very often asked the question "How can I get started with graphics programming?". Since I am getting tired of answering this same question over and over again, I will in this post compile a summary of all my advice I have regarding this question.

GitHub now gives free users unlimited private repositories

GitHub is by far the most popular way to build and share software. That said, one weakness of the platform is that it limits who can create private repositories – that is, software projects that aren’t visible to the broader public, and are shared only with a handful of pre-defined collaborators – to paying users.

AZ - sed Pathfinder

sed is a unix utility for transforming text. It provides a simple programming language for matching and replacing text. Given its limited features, it was never designed as a general purpose programming language. However, it is an extremely versatile tool and can be used to solve problems way beyond the domain of simple text transformation. This is a proof-of-concept implementation of a maze solver written in sed.

Comparison of the Text Distance Metrics

Measuring the similarity between texts is a common task in many applications. It is useful in classic NLP fields like search, as well as in such far from NLP areas as medicine and genetics. There are many different approaches of how to compare two texts (strings of characters). Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and is good only for a range of specific use cases. To help you better understand the differences between the approaches we have prepared the following infographic.

A dive into the world of MS-DOS viruses

So I have an admission to make, MS-DOS does slightly outage me, regardless MS-DOS malware has always fascinated me to some degree, but first we must ask: “What is DOS?”

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