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The Internals of PostgreSQL : Introduction

PostgreSQL is an open source multi-purpose relational database system which is widely used throughout the world. It is one huge system with the integrated subsystems, each of which has a particular complex feature and works with each other cooperatively. Although understanding of the internal mechanism is crucial for both administration and integration using PostgreSQL, its hugeness and complexity prevent it. The main purposes of this document are to explain how each subsystem works, and to provide the whole picture of PostgreSQL.

Why does APT not use HTTPS?

HTTPS is used to prevent intruders from being able to listen to communications between you and websites you visit, as well as to avoid data being modified without your knowledge.

Data structures to name-drop when you want to sound smart in an interview

So what makes a data structure good to name-drop in an interview? I would say that it has to be mildly obscure, so that you sound like an erudite data structures hipster, but it can’t be too obscure, lest your interviewer ask you to really explain the implementation details or trade-offs to the point that you reveal your ignorance.

Operable Software

Operability and observability sure have led to a lot of blog posts around the web lately, and so this is my take on it. In this post, I'll cover views on simplicity and complexity, how people actually approach their systems and form mental models of them, and how we should rather structure things if we want to make systems both observable and operable. Or put differently, how to start approaching Operator Experience.

Google Interview Questions Deconstructed: Synonymous Queries

Welcome to another edition of Google Interview Problems Deconstructed, a series in which I present the interview problems I used to use to interview candidates at Google until they were leaked and banned from use in interviews. My loss is your gain, however, because once they’re out in the world I can write them up and explain them to you.

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