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Find A Job Through Vettery

Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. How does it work? You apply to join the platform, and once accepted, you’ll start receiving interview requests directly from top companies growing their tech teams. You decide which interviews you want to take, all from the comfort of your inbox!

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OOP Before OOP with Simula

Imagine that you are sitting on the grassy bank of a river. Ahead of you, the water flows past swiftly. The afternoon sun has put you in an idle, philosophical mood, and you begin to wonder whether the river in front of you really exists at all. Sure, large volumes of water are going by only a few feet away. But what is this thing that you are calling a “river”? After all, the water you see is here and then gone, to be replaced only by more and different water. It doesn’t seem like the word “river” refers to any fixed thing in front of you at all.

Don't Let the Internet Dupe You, Event Sourcing is Hard

I'm going to give it to you straight: event sourcing actually comes with drawbacks. If you've read anything about the topic on the internet this will surely shock you. After all, it's commonly sold as one big fat bag of sunshine and rainbows. You got some kind of a problem? Turns out its actually solved by event sourcing. In fact, most of your life troubles up till now were probably directly caused by your lack of event sourcing.

Advice to new Programmers

It’s not every day where students new to programming get to ask 709 software developers for advice.

On Being A Principal Engineer

It surprises me that many shops still claim to have a ‘flat org’ or claim that they do not believe in titles. I have heard it said about data stores that ‘all databases have schemas…even the ones that say they do not’ and I think the same applies to organizations that are larger than a small handful of individuals.

Life of a SQL query

What happens when you run a SQL statement? There are two layers to the answer. One layer is conceptual: what are queries, tables, indices, etc? Assuming you have some basic familiarity with select statements, I’d highly recommend reading depesz’s guide on explain. It walks through query planning which will give you a conceptual understanding of how SQL statements are executed.

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