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The story of the 3dfx Voodoo1

This article is the second entry in a series about the "3D cards of the late 90s running Quake". The first entry[1] took a look at the end of 1996 with the Rendition Vérité 1000 and its dedicated port called vQuake. Rendition had managed to beat everybody to Quake-market. For a brief period of time they had the one and only board capable to run id Software's blockbuster with hardware-acceleration.

Lessons learned porting 50k loc from Java to Go

I was contracted to port a large Java code base to Go. The code in question is a Java client for RavenDB, a NoSQL JSON document database. Code with tests was around 50 thousand lines. The result of the port is a Go client. This article describes what I've learn in the process.

PostgreSQL DBaaS Calculator

While it's certainly possible to self-host a PostgreSQL DB on a DigitalOcean droplet for $5/month, that doesn't mean it's a good idea. In my opinion, outsourcing DB maintenance to a vendor is a no-brainer as long as your hosting bill is in the triple-digits. Most side-projects will never get that far.

Programming: doing it more vs doing it better

I have always strived to write readable, maintainable code without bugs. However, deep inside my mind was this idea that one day I would be able to write beautiful code without thinking. It would be as effortless to me as breathing.

Technical debt — leverage or liquidate?

It’s not always a case of debt = bad. Used intelligently, technical debt provides quick fixes to problems and boosts innovation. However, you’ll soon know when your tech debt’s not serving you well. Below: three signs your tech debt needs paying off.


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