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HTTP headers for the responsible developer

Being online is the default state for many people these days. We all spend our time shopping, chatting, reading articles, and looking for information like directions. The web connects us with the whole world, but most certainly the web connects people. I myself have been using the web now for 20 years, and my relationship to it changed eight years ago when I became a web developer.

The inception bar: a new phishing method

Welcome to HSBC, the world’s seventh-largest bank! Of course, the page you’re reading isn’t actually hosted on hsbc.com; it’s hosted on jameshfisher.com. But when you visit this page on Chrome for mobile and scroll a little way, the page is able to display itself as hsbc.com - and worse, the page is able to jail you in this fake browser! In this post I show how the attack works, then suggest some ways Chrome can fix this vulnerability, then finally show you how to get out if you’re still stuck here.

Writing Good Source Control Commit Messages

The concept of good messages to go along with your commits to source control seems to be one of those things that people either completely follow or completely drop the ball on. Fortunately my work right now is predominantly solo and I only have myself to blame if my commit messages are unhelpful, but I still try to follow a few rules to save the sanity of myself in the future.

A Conspiracy To Kill IE6

The bittersweet consequence of YouTube’s incredible growth is that so many stories will be lost underneath all of the layers of new paint. This is why I wanted to tell the story of how, ten years ago, a small team of web developers conspired to kill IE6 from inside YouTube and got away with it.

It is perfectly OK to only code at work, you can have a life too

There is often pressure inside Software development for Software developers to code outside of work hours. Coding is considered a passion for some, but others don’t think this way. They are more than happy to not code in their spare time. This is OK.

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