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Try the new way to build custom apps for your unique workflow

Some tools have an opinion about how you should do your job. We're pretty sure you're the expert. With Airtable, you can coordinate and customize every aspect of your internal apps in minutes, not days. Flexible bug tracking, on-duty schedules, team standups, and so much more. Try Airtable today!

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Seven Surprising Bash Variables

Continuing in the series of posts about lesser-known bash features, here I take you through seven variables that bash makes available that you may not have known about.

Code Reviews at Microsoft: How Do Code Reviews Work at one of the Largest Software Companies?

Have you ever wondered how one of the largest software companies worldwide ensures high-quality code through code reviewing?

7 years as a developer - lessons learned

My programming journey began in 2012, with my very first C++ internship. Frankly, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing (this hasn't really changed). Nevertheless, I've picked some lessons along the way.

UDS : Unlimited Drive Storage

Store files in Google Docs without counting against your quota.

Looking inside the box

This blog post talks about reverse engineering the Dropbox client, breaking its obfuscation mechanisms, de-compiling it to Python code as well as modifying the client in order to use debug features which are normally hidden from view. If you're just interested in relevant code and notes please scroll to the end. As of this writing it is up to date with the current versions of Dropbox which are based on the CPython 3.6 interpreter.

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