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Avoid Indirection in Code for human readability

This post argues for avoiding indirection in community code

Why are large companies so difficult to rescue (regarding bad internal technology)

I worry there is a lot of glib, superficial rhetoric coming out of Silicon Valley about the importance of being agile in one’s development processes. There are too many assumptions being made about the ease of introducing agile techniques, and which problems are solved by agile techniques. This essay is my attempt to offer a corrective.

Why Dark Gray is Brighter than Gray In CSS

You’ve might not have noticed this as it’s a very subtle bit of trivia but in your browser there are pre-defined colors which aren’t what they seem. If I were to tell you that the swatches above are named light-gray, gray and dark-gray could you place the names with the color swatches?

Fuzzing vs property testing

Fuzzing and property testing both involve generating random inputs, and then checking if a program misbehaves on those inputs. This description should probably leave you raising your eyebrow slightly: if you start being vague enough, lots of entirely different things sound similar. But there are some real similarities between these two techniques.

Getting 2FA Right in 2019

Since March, Trail of Bits has been working with the Python Software Foundation to add two-factor authentication (2FA) to Warehouse, the codebase that powers PyPI. As of today, PyPI members can enable time-based OTP (TOTP) and WebAuthn (currently in beta). If you have an account on PyPI, go enable your preferred 2FA method before you continue reading!

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