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The cost of JavaScript in 2019

One large change to the cost of JavaScript over the last few years has been an improvement in how fast browsers can parse and compile script. In 2019, the dominant costs of processing scripts are now download and CPU execution time.

Data Still Dominates

Smart people have been saying this again and again for nearly half a century: focus on the data first. But sometimes it feels like the most famous piece of smart programming advice that everyone forgets.

Scaling from 2,000 to 25,000 engineers on GitHub at Microsoft

At Microsoft today we have almost 25,000 engineers participating in our official GitHub organizations for open source, a great number of them contributing to open source communities throughout GitHub. It's been quite a ride: that's 10X the engineers we were working with when I posted in 2015 about our experience scaling from 20 to 2,000 engineers in the Azure open source org.

Computational Photography

It's impossible to imagine a smartphone presentation today without dancing around its camera. Google makes Pixel shoot in the dark, Huawei zooms like a telescope, Samsung puts lidars inside, and Apple presents the new world's roundest corners. Illegal level of innovations happening here.

Why did moving the mouse cursor cause Windows 95 to run more quickly?

That reminded me of something. When I was young, if I remember correctly, Windows 95(if not 98) had this weird behavior that when installing programs, wiggling the mouse cursor make the progress faster. What caused this? I googled for it, I couldn't find anything related.

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