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Models of Generics and Metaprogramming: Go, Rust, Swift, D and More

One reason I think generics are an interesting case is that they’re a simple case of the general problem of metaprogramming: writing programs that can generate classes of other programs. As evidence I’ll describe how three different fully general metaprogramming methods can be seen as extensions from different directions in the space of generics systems: dynamic languages like Python, procedural macro systems like Template Haskell, and staged compilation like Zig and Terra.

Modern text rendering with Linux: Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of Modern text rendering in Linux. In each part of this series we will build a self-contained C program to render a character or sequence of characters. Each of these programs will implement a feature which I consider essential to achieve state of the art text rendering.

How is it like to be a dev in Iran

In many contries allover the world, governments tend to block their citizens to access some certain domains/ips across the internet. Some say “It’s there to keep culture and moral healthy!”. They block pornographies and so. Even in US we can find certain domains which are blocked and cannot be accessed like those which contain CP or wild anti-humanism contents.

“Breaking Code” to end the Great war

Analysing the above statement to its truth values: if its false then it means its true, but if its true then its false! We just came back to the starting point of the above statement unable to come to a conclusion. Such `paradoxes` appear in natural language and we sure aren’t bothered about them as they can be easily used to twist the logic.

Long Names Are Long

One smart thing Google does is rigorous code reviews. Every change, before you can land it, gets reviewed in at least two way. First, someone on the team does a normal review to make sure the code does what it’s supposed to.

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