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Regex For Noobs (like me!) - an illustrated guide

This blog post is an illustrated guide to regex and aims to provide a gentle introduction for people who never have fiddled with regex, want to, but are kind of intimidated by the whole thing.

Build Your Own Text Editor

The text editor is antirez’s kilo, with some changes. It’s about 1000 lines of C in a single file with no dependencies, and it implements all the basic features you expect in a minimal editor, as well as syntax highlighting and a search feature.

Designing Web Applications-Architectural Components

What are the main considerations one needs to think of when creating a web application? Why does the architecture in your company is the way it is? What are its non trivial parts? How to think about the “other end”?

How To Build a Bot That Sends Dog Images

We will be utilizing Twilio for this tutorial. You’’ll need a phone number registered on your Twilio account. If you do not have a phone number registered, read this tutorial on how to get your own phone number utilizing the Twilio trial and come back when you have a phone number registered.

Programming in 1969

I decided to become a programmer 1965-'66. I had read an article with a picture of a flowchart and I thought “this would suit me”. When I graduated high school in 1967 there were no universities teaching programming, but there was a 6-month course in Solna that would become a 12-month course, and it was eligible for student loans. So I applied for that.

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