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Avoid Premature Optimization

How I fell into the trap of premature optimization, the root of all evil.

Documenting Software Architecture

We learn how to code and we build some cool applications, and then we learn about architecture and how to make the application maintainable for several years… However when we need to explain to someone else (new developer, product owner, investor, …) how the application works, we need something more… we need documentation.

Arcs of Seniority

What makes a developer senior? After completing my code bootcamp and starting my first job as a web developer, I immediately became interested by this question. I wanted to know what skills to develop so that I could progress on my new career path as quickly as possible.

Introduction to Memory Unsafety for VPs of Engineering

Memory unsafety is a property of some programming languages where they allow the programmer to introduce certain types of bugs and allow these bugs to cause serious security issues. These bugs deal with errors in how memory is used spatially and temporally.

Things I Learnt from a Senior Software Engineer

That’s one of the reasons I started keeping a human log. Every day, whenever I came across an interesting situation, I logged it. All thanks to sitting next to a senior software engineer, I could closely observe what they were doing, and how it was different from what I would do.

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