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Ten Principles for Growth as an Engineer

In February, an engineer I’d managed for over a year moved to a new team. In one of our last 1:1s, I mentioned that he’d recently done some good project management. He replied that he’d had an epiphany about self-direction; he’d decided that he needed to own everything about his work, not just his code, to make sure his projects succeeded. I was impressed with him and, instantly, disappointed in myself — I’d long considered ownership the most important thing for young engineers to learn, but I’d somehow left this engineer to discover that for himself.

Conducting Effective Code Reviews

Code review is an important step in software development. It helps to share knowledge within the team, "proofreading" the changes and catching potential issues before they get introduced. Use code review as a learning and information sharing tool.

What is it like to work remotely as a software developer?

How do you master remote work? What tools do you use? Can you focus and be productive? Don’t you feel alienated? Is there a place for a good teamwork?

A Senior Engineer's Checklist

This is a simple checklist, and while it is useful to any software engineer, it is especially useful to senior engineers.

The Product-Minded Software Engineer

Product-minded engineers are developers with lots of interest in the product itself. They want to understand why decisions are made, how people use the product, and love to be involved in making product decisions. They're someone who would likely make a good product manager if they ever decide to give up the joy of engineering. I've worked with many great product-minded engineers and consider myself to be this kind of developer. At companies building world-class products, product-minded engineers take teams to a new level of impact.

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