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Text Rendering Hates You

Rendering text, how hard could it be? As it turns out, incredibly hard! To my knowledge, literally no system renders text "perfectly". It's all best-effort, although some efforts are more important than others.

A Detailed Explanation of Abstraction in Software Development

It’s one of the most important concept in software development and in computer science in general. Everybody praises its virtues and its power. Authors wrote about it, birds sing about it, its name is whispered all around the kingdoms. Abstraction is attractive, sexy, old and modern at the same time. The Alpha and The Omega.

Lessons learned adding a second line of business to a 20-year-old application

The author discusses the logistical decisions involved when deciding how to add a second line of business to a very old application.

Software Engineering Promotions: Advice to Get to That Next Level

Promotions become a sensitive subject for engineers, sooner or later. When joining a company, few developers have this on their mind - rightfully so, as people are focusing on getting up to speed. But as time goes by, and as more and more people get promoted around them, promotions become top of mind for many.

Do you have a problem? Write a compiler!

Imagine you are writing a cool new rogue-like game. So cool many have no idea what's going on. A definitive character of rogue-likes is procedural generation of content. You'll need a random number generator for that.

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