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SQL queries don't start with SELECT

Okay, obviously many SQL queries do start with SELECT (and actually this post is only about SELECT queries, not INSERTs or anything).

Eight Habits of Expert Software Designers

The best designers employ specific habits, learned practices, and observed principles when they work. Here are a few of them.

How to succeed as a poor programmer

In this post I discuss how to be an asset to an organization when you are not a good programmer.  First, for the record: I am a poor programmer.   Ask anyone who has worked on group projects with me.

Testing in Production: the hard parts

There’s a fair bit of chatter about the virtues of testing in production these days. I’ve myself written about this topic over a year ago. This post isn’t so much of an argument as to why one should be testing in production (the previous posts linked above must’ve made a compelling enough case as to why testing in production is indispensable for certain kinds of systems) than an honest analysis of the challenges inherent in conducting these forms of tests.

Deep Work in the Age of Distraction

There are tons of “soft skills” that make engineers so much better at their jobs, and are arguably just as important as being fluent in a coding language — problem solving, time management, communication, and teamwork, just to name a few. There’s another skill that engineers should be dying to learn, because it’s one of the most valuable skills they — or any other knowledge worker — can possess: Deep work. 

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