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Lesser Known Coding Fonts

In the past few months, I’ve become interested—fascinated even—by programming fonts. As programmers we look at text all day: code, logs, command outputs, monitoring tools, etc. If we’re going to be looking at text all day, we might as well make it easy and pleasant for our eyes to read that text.

Coding Salaries in 2019: Updating the Stack Overflow Salary Calculator

Today we are launching the 2019 update to the Stack Overflow Salary Calculator, a tool that allows developers and employers to understand representative salaries for the software industry based on experience level, location, education, and specific technologies.

Buffet lines are terrible, but let’s try to improve them using computer simulations

My company has a buffet every Friday, and the lines grow to epic proportions when the food arrives. I’ve suspected for years that the “classic” buffet line system is a deeply flawed and inefficient method, and every time I’m stuck in the line has made me more convinced.

R-tree implementation in Elixir

A Dynamic, Distributed R-Tree (DDRT) library written in Elixir. The 'dynamic' part of the title refers to the fact that this implementation is optimized for a high volume of update operations. Put another way, this is an R-tree best suited for use with spatial data in constant movement. The 'distributed' part refers to the fact that this library is designed to maintain a spatial index (rtree) across a cluster of distributed elixir nodes.

What Developers Should Actually Learn In College

As a developer, you'll hear a lot of crazy, unbelievable theories about what "lines of code" signify. Believe none of them. Lines of code is a ridiculous metric to base decisions on. In very rare cases it tells you something, in all the other cases, it tells you nothing. Using lines of code to make decisions is like rating book quality by number of pages.

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