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An overview of direct memory access

Direct memory access (DMA) is conceptually easy, but without experience in hardware design or driver development it can be cumbersome to understand. In this blog post I will explain what DMA is and how it evolved during the last decades. My goal is to make it comprehensible especially for people without experience in hardware design or driver development.

Software Is About Developing Knowledge More Than Writing Code

I specialize in Data Analytics in the cloud and I work with clients from different industries. This year I've been leading a data platform implementation on Azure for an insurance company. 

The Navy Installed Touch-screen Steering Systems To Save Money. Ten Sailors Paid With Their Lives.

When the USS John S. McCain crashed in the Pacific, the Navy blamed the destroyer’s crew for the loss of 10 sailors. The truth is the Navy’s flawed technology set the McCain up for disaster.

Database Internals

We can treat databases and other infrastructure components as black boxes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes we have to take a closer look at what’s going on because of performance issues. Sometimes databases misbehave, and we need to find out what exactly is going on. Some of us want to work in infrastructure and develop databases. This book’s main intention is to introduce you to the cornerstone concepts and help you understand how databases work.

Learning hardware programming as a software engineer

I’ve had never really come into contact with hardware programming, working mostly in python or C#, until a friend of mine asked me for some help with programming a simple controller for RGB strips using Arduino Nanos.

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