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Functors - What are they?

A functor might sound very strange and esoteric but chances are you have used it in some ways. Some of you probably a lot! In this article we will look at what they are and some reasons they are useful.

Readable Code

Good code needs to meets two key requirements. First, it should be correct: when executing, it should produce the result that is expected. Second, it should be easy to read for other developers.

Test Desiderata

Tests should be coupled to the behavior of code and decoupled from the structure of code. Seeing tests that fail on both counts.

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Sudo

Everybody knows sudo, right? This tool is installed by default on most Linux systems and is available for most BSD and commercial Unix variants. Still, after talking to hundreds of sudo users, the most common answer I received was that sudo is a tool to complicate life.

Work and success

There has been some discussion on tech twitter lately on the subject of whether it is possible to be “successful” in the programming business without working long hours. I won’t dignify the posts which started this conversation off — firmly in the “not possible” camp — with a link; you can find them easily enough I suspect.

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