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Goodbye, Clean Code

My colleague has just checked in the code that they’ve been writing all week. We were working on a graphics editor canvas, and they implemented the ability to resize shapes like rectangles and ovals by dragging small handles at their edges.

How is computer programming different today than 20 years ago?

I saw a question on Quora asking this and I started to write an answer. But it got so long that I converted into a post here.

The 'No Code' Delusion

I think “no code” as an alternative to most mainstream development is a pipe dream. None of the progress over the last 70 years makes me think we’re anywhere close to replacing text-based development (arguably, since the introduction of the web, we’ve gone backwards).

The other side of technical skill: Domain Knowledge and Long-term Vision

When we first start our careers as software engineers, we tend to focus on improving our coding skills, a.k.a. technical skills, including but not limited to: mastering a specific tech stack, adopting best practices, and studying architecture designs. But there is another side that is just as important: gaining the domain knowledge and forming a long-term vision for your team, product, and company.

Reverse engineering course: Focuses on x64 Windows

This course is going to teach anyone how to reverse engineer x64 Windows. We will start by covering some basics of binaries, then reverse some small samples, reverse a DLL and implement it into our own program, reverse some malware, then look at some realistic situations.


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