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Become a Better Software Architect

Several years ago, I was asked: “How have you become a software architect?”. We talked about necessary skills, experience and the amount of time and dedication it took to build up knowledge. Further, I went through the steps which I took, which technologies I have actively worked with or tried out and what I have learned during my professional and non-professional career.

No, dynamic type systems are not inherently more open

Internet debates about typing disciplines continue to be plagued by a pervasive myth that dynamic type systems are inherently better at modeling “open world” domains. The argument usually goes like this: the goal of static typing is to pin everything down as much as possible, but in the real world, that just isn’t practical. Real systems should be loosely coupled and worry about data representation as little as possible, so dynamic types lead to a more robust system in the large.

Learn a text editor

As I mentioned before, the raw “stuff” of software is primarily text files. Actually, the foundation of software is ideas and information, but unfortunately a computer can’t yet run on those. So you will need to create text files.

How I write backend

From late 2012 to the present I have been writing backends (server-side code) for web applications. This document summarizes many aspects of how I write these pieces of code.

What I learned as a developer from accidents in space

Real space stories can help developers remember important users: change UI instead of blaming users, report issues to maintainer and use linters.

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