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Old CSS, new CSS

I first got into web design/development in the late 90s, and only as I type this sentence do I realize how long ago that was. And boy, it was horrendous. I mean, being able to make stuff and put it online where other people could see it was pretty slick, but we did not have very much to work with.

Understanding git for real by exploring the .git directory

Using git as a beginner is like visiting a new country for someone who can’t read/speak the local language. As soon as you know where you are and where to go, everything is fine, but the moment you get lost, the big troubles begin (#badMetaphor).

The Shapes of Code

Every piece of code we write is unique, or pretty much. However, there are things that are common in a lot of code, even across various codebases, and even across various languages: the physical shape that code has.

The Missing Semester of Your CS Education

Classes teach you all about advanced topics within CS, from operating systems to machine learning, but there’s one critical subject that’s rarely covered, and is instead left to students to figure out on their own: proficiency with their tools. We’ll teach you how to master the command-line, use a powerful text editor, use fancy features of version control systems, and much more!

(A few) Ops Lessons We All Learn The Hard Way

Nope, not another Falsehoods post, but not entirely unlike one. Only here we have a few lessons in operations that we all (eventually) (have to) learn; often the hard way. Why things are the way they are, or what the lessons mean is left to the reader to interpret, agree, or disagree with. It's more fun that way. Enjoy!

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