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5 arguments to make managers care about technical debt

You need to help management understand the impact of bad code quality on the business. In the end, what matters to the company is generating money. Profitability. Management needs to make the best decisions to reduce costs and increase revenue.

Let's build a simple database

I’m writing a database from scratch. It’s modeled off sqlite because it is designed to be small with fewer features than MySQL or PostgreSQL, so I have a better hope of understanding it. The entire database is stored in a single file!

Job description is the problem, not shortage of talent

Software development companies seem to be facing a shortage of skilled software development candidates for the growing number of jobs. A quick google search shows multiple sources stating and claiming this to be a trend. , An estimated over 1 million technology jobs will go unfilled by 2020, according to a report put forth by Microsoft in 2012, but does this really mean we truly have a shortage of talent?

Learn how computers add numbers and build a 4 bit adder circuit

Let's build a circuit that adds numbers! Binary addition is even easier than decimal addition since you don't have to know how to add numbers larger than 1.

📕 The 25 most recommended programming books of all-time

There are countless lists on the internet claiming to be the list of must-read programming books and it seemed that all those lists always recommended that same books minus two or three odd choices.

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