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Build your programming skills with Manning

Looking to upgrade your programming skills? Here’s something that will really help—Manning Publications are offering an exclusive 40% off your entire order at manning.com! Just use the code nlprogramming when you checkout.

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My favourite Git commit

I like Git commit messages. Used well, I think they’re one of the most powerful tools available to document a codebase over its lifetime. I’d like to illustrate that by showing you my favourite ever Git commit.

Creating a Slack Writing Etiquette Guide for Your Workplace

Teams misuse Slack as often as they use it, leading to less productivity and more workplace anxiety. An etiquette guide can help.

Avast Antivirus JavaScript Interpreter

The main Avast antivirus process is called AvastSvc.exe, which runs as SYSTEM. That service loads the low level antivirus engine, and analyzes untrusted data received from sources like the filesystem minifilter or intercepted network traffic.

A Simple GPU Hash Table

It is a simple GPU hash table capable of hundreds of millions of insertions per second. On my laptop’s NVIDIA GTX 1060, the code inserts 64 million randomly generated key/values in about 210 milliseconds, and deletes 32 million of those key/value pairs in about 64 milliseconds.

Step-by-step guide to modern & secure CI setup

For modern application development it is very important to deliver changes to the online environment as quickly as possible. It allows product owners to see and test integrity of evolving product faster, faster provide feedback to the development team and as a result, save a lot of money on improvements.

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