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Web Skills

Web Skills is a visual overview of useful skills to learn as a web developer.

New grad vs senior dev

It is 1994 and I am a second-year CS student at my first internship at Microsoft on the Visual Basic compiler team, reading the source code for InStr for the first time. InStr is the function in Visual Basic that takes two strings, call them source and query, and tells you the index at which query first appears as a substring of source, and the implementation is naive-brute-force.

How are Unix pipes implemented?

This article is about how pipes are implemented the Unix kernel. I was a little disappointed that a recent article titled “How do Unix pipes work?” was not about the internals, and curious enough to go digging in some old sources to try to answer the question.

Why Scarlett Johansson’s Picture Got My Postgres Database to Start Mining Monero

PostgreSQL, like other common databases, has a metasploit module to ease interaction with the operating system. The method used in this attack is very similar – creating a payload in runtime by dumping to disk the binary code using lo_export function.

How we reduced our Google Maps API cost by 94%

We use Google's Advanced Directions API to calculate travel time between two locations. Google is the default choice here considering the accuracy of their real-time traffic data. We used this API to calculate the ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) separately for every vehicle at each of its pick up stops by individually calling the API every time the stop location was registered. Until a couple of months back, this API was free to use.

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