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Database basics: writing a SQL database from scratch in Go

In this first post we'll build enough of a parser to run some simple CREATE, INSERT, and SELECT queries. Then we'll build an in-memory backend supporting TEXT and INT types and write a basic REPL.

When debugging, your attitude matters

A while back I wrote What does debugging a program look like? on what to do when debugging (change one thing at a time! check your assumptions!). But I was debugging some CSS last week, and I think that post is missing something important: your attitude.


An algorithm to optimize database queries that run multiple times

The Ultimate Guide to Drag and Drop Image Uploading with Pure Javascript

In this guide, I’ll be explaining how to upload images by dragging and dropping. This includes dragging images from OS to browser and from browser to browser. I’ll be using Pure Javascript (no frameworks or libraries), and the code will be compatible with all modern browsers including IE 9+. Also, I haven’t used ES6 which means you won’t need a compiler like Babel to run the code.

Simulating the Game of Life in Excel

This video is a simple implementation of the Game of Life in Excel - where you can follow along with my approach to creating the spreadsheet from A-to-Z.

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