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Shell productivity tips and tricks

If you spend a good chunk of your day repeatedly hitting the left and right arrow keys to navigate in long commands or correct typos, or hitting the up or down arrow keys to navigate your command history, this chapter should help you get more done quicker. We will cover some shell features you can leverage to make your shell do more of the work for you.

Time is the only real currency we have

Now that I have some more time to reflect on it, I wanted to try and best summarise what I’ve learnt on my journey so far. This is a result of ~8 years of introspection & observations while working in some of the fastest growing companies on the planet . Hopefully you’ll take away something that helps you in daily time management.

Software Folklore

Sometimes bugs have symptoms beyond belief. This is a collection of such stories from around the web.

Rules of thumb for a 1x developer

So I’ve been writing code 9-5 for about five years, all of which have been at Amazon. And during that time, I also raised three kids – who were aged 0, 0, and 2 when I started. So I was not That Guy overachieving on nights and weekends. I was taking care of my family.

How 3D Game Rendering Works: Texturing

The majority of the visual effects seen in games today are down to the clever use of textures - without them, games would dull and lifeless. So let's get dive in and see how this all works!


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