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Scraping Recipe Websites

Roughly 75% of websites users choose to import are easy to parse, but for the remaining 25% a more advanced technique is required.

Playing Games on a 60s Computer

I go from cold boot to playing Lunar Lander on my recently repaired SEL 810A computer. This computer was released in 1967, and was used by the CIA, research facilities, and large corporations. My SEL 810A ran a natural gas pipeline station from 1969 to 2006, so 37 years.

Rebuilding our tech stack for a new Facebook.com

When we thought about how we would build a new web app — one designed for today’s browsers, with the features people expect from Facebook — we realized that our existing tech stack wasn’t able to support the app-like feel and performance we needed. A complete rewrite is extremely rare, but in this case, since so much has changed on the web over the course of the past decade, we knew it was the only way we’d be able to achieve our goals for performance and sustainable future growth.


When $FAMOUS_COMPANY launched in 2010, it ran on a single server in $TECHBRO_FOUNDER’s garage. Since then, we’ve experienced explosive VC-funded growth and today we have hundreds of millions of daily active users (DAUs) from all around the globe accessing our products from our mobile apps and on $famouscompany.com.

Programming is not a goal

You may be feel­ing like you are trapped in a cy­cle of just learn­ing things, us­ing them in a toy project and then... what? You learn some­thing else? And do an­oth­er toy pro­jec­t? And so on?


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