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No Code

By 2020, the no-code hype had reached a point at which it's hard to be ignored. Product Hunt has a whole new award for no-code startups, and investors even started waking up with one eye during pitching sessions, when hearing the new buzz word.

Ultimate Guide to Python Debugging

Even if you write clear and readable code, even if you cover your code with tests, even if you are very experienced developer, weird bugs will inevitably appear and you will need to debug them in some way. Lots of people resort to just using bunch of print statements to see what's happening in their code. This approach is far from ideal and there are much better ways to find out what's wrong with your code, some of which we will explore in this article.

The beautiful headache called event sourcing

A deep dive into the decision to use event sourcing for payment processing, how we implemented it, what worked great and what was hard to get right. One of the most educational projects we’ve done in quite some time.

How many of you know deep down that the team is working on something that no customer wants?

Agile teams that truly iterate with the customer can often avoid these problems because the customer is there the whole way through and the team continuously pivots to close gaps discovered by the customer throughout the project, thereby building something the customer actually needs and wants.

How to Implement Search By Color When All You Have is A Good Coffee

Merchandising is an industry where you basically pick a backpack or a pen, stamp your logo on it, and give it to your —future— customers or best employees. You totally need the backpack or pen colors to match your brands’.

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