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RudderStack: An Open Source Segment Alternative

Customer Data Infrastructure, offering Segment API compatibility, multiple hosting options, fixed infrastructure based pricing & powerful real time transformations.

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The Art Of Learning For Software Developers

Learning is essential for developers. We need to learn about the new breakthroughs, discoveries, and changes in the industry. We need to learn about our history, to know what’s really new, what’s not, and what to do with it, in what context.

The definitive, practical guide to diff algorithms and patch formats

A diff algorithm outputs the set of differences between two inputs. These algorithms are the basis of a number of everyday-use developer tools. Yet understanding the inner workings of diff algorithms is rarely necessary to use said tools. Git is an example where a developer can read, commit, pull, and merge diffs without ever understanding the underlying diff algorithm. That being the case there is very limited knowledge on the subject across the developer community.

How does spam protection work on Stack Exchange?

If you put a textbox on the Internet, someone will put spam in it. If you put a textbox on a site that gets millions of hits a day, lots of someones will put lots of spam in it. So Stack Exchange uses multiple layers to block all the spam coming in.

Apple Lightning

Here's my little article about (almost) everything I know about Apple Lightning and related technologies: Tristar, Hydra, HiFive, SDQ, IDBUS and etc. But first a tiny warning...

It's probably time to stop recommending Clean Code

It may not be possible for us to ever reach empirical definitions of "good code" or "clean code", which means that any one person's opinion about another person's opinions about "clean code" are necessarily highly subjective.


Doing DevOps in the Cloud: A Practical Approach

DevOps is done a little differently in the cloud. Are you prepared to tackle those nuances? Join Headspring on Thursday, July 16 at 12pm CDT to learn a real-world approach that's not just about checking off boxes. They'll demo DevOps processes in both Azure and AWS and equip you to start delivering value faster. Register today!

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