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RudderStack: An Open Source Segment Alternative

Customer Data Infrastructure, offering Segment API compatibility, multiple hosting options, fixed infrastructure based pricing & powerful real time transformations.

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Array Functions and the Rule of Least Power

Though the Rule of Least Power targeted programming languages themselves, rather than language features, I think the same ideas still apply. The less powerful your code is, the easier it is to reason about.

Data Structures & Algorithms I Actually Used Working at Tech Companies

Do you actually use algorithms and data structures on your day to day job? I've noticed a growing trend of people assuming algorithms are pointless questions that are asked by tech companies purely as an arbitrary measure. I hear more people complain about how all of this is a purely academic exercise.

The Concept of Domain-Driven Design Explained

Complexity is a relative term. What’s complex for one person is simple for another. However, complexity is the problem that domain-driven design should solve. In this context, complexity means interconnectedness, many different data sources, different business goals, etc.

Lights and Shadows

It’s hard to describe how paramount light is. Ultimately, it is the only thing we see. But just as important the presence of light is, so is its absence. To talk about light we have to start in darkness so let’s jump straight into it.

You've only added two lines - why did that take two days!

Why did a fix that seems so simple when looking at the changes made take two days to complete?


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