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How to Build HTML Forms Right: Styling

This article covers HTML form design patterns, common gotchas, and CSS tips. You should be able to walk away with some new knowledge and helpful code snippets.

Build a Toy Quantum Computer at Home

In the past few posts we’ve gone over how to interpret matrices, basis vectors, and eigenvectors. Today, we’ll put all that together towards a really fun goal - building a toy quantum computer at home! We’ll even solve a real problem on this “computer” that we couldn’t solve as efficiently on a standard computer.

Essays on programming I think about a lot

Every so often I read an essay that I end up thinking about, and citing in conversation, over and over again. Here’s my index of all the ones of those I can remember! I’ll try to keep it up to date as I think of more.

Systems design for advanced beginners

You’ve started yet another company with your good friend, Steve Steveington. It’s an online marketplace where people can buy and sell things and where no one asks too many questions. It’s basically a rip-off of Craigslist, but with Steve’s name instead of Craig’s.

Design Docs at Google

As software engineers our job is not to produce code per se, but rather to solve problems. Unstructured text, like in the form of a design doc, may be the better tool for solving problems early in a project lifecycle, as it may be more concise and easier to comprehend, and communicates the problems and solutions at a higher level than code.


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